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District Convention
Paul, Irvine Elected

Eric G. Paul was elected Governor and Forbes Irvine was elected Governor-Elect at the New York District Convention Aug. 16 in Albany.

Paul, a member of the West Seneca Club, and Irvine, a member of the North Central, Staten Island, club, ran unopposed. They will assume their new offices on Oct. 1.

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Also during the House of Delegates, two bylaw amendments were approved following debate. The approved amendments will change how the Empire State Kiwanian is funded and published, and provide for a new member fee for the district for the first time.

Above, First Lady Carole Aiello (right) and a volunteer sort items for the Treats for Troops First Lady's project.

The featured speaker at the Opening Session was children's book author Nick Katsoris (at left in picture below), a member of the Fordham Kiwanis Club. The continuing character in Katsoris' books is a lamb, Loukoumi. The Loukoumi books are designed to encourage young children to do the right thing. After his talk, he was joined on stage by Gov. Joe Aiello (left), Loukoumi and International President Gunter Gasser.

District Convention

Three New Clubs Organized

The Kiwanis Club of East River in the Queens West Division was organized on Aug. 20, with 27 members. Lt. Gov. Steve Sirgiovanni organized the club with the help of Past Distinguished Lt. Gov. Verdia Noel, Donna Furey, Anthony Pappas and Jacklyn Negron-Pappas.

In addition, District New Club Building Co-Chairs PDG Joe Eppolito and PG Bill Risbrook lent their services as well. The Howard Beach and Maspeth Kiwanis Clubs are the co-sponsors of the club. East River will meet monthly on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening. The Chapter Night is expected to take place in November.

The Charter President is Donna Furry and Charter Secretary is Jacklyn Negron-Pappas. They have many activities planned for the club members and have already been in the local news for forming the club.

Congratulations to all as East River Kiwanis becomes the fifth new club built in the District of Kiwanis.

In July, the Kiwanis Club of Seaford in the Long Island South Central Division was formed with 16 members. Lt. Gov. Ann Torcivia was the club builder, with assistance from by Past Distinguished Lt. Gov. Jim Mancuso. Sponsoring clubs are Wantagh and Nassau County Medical Center.

The Charter President is Steven Katz. They will meet the second and fourth Thursdays at 6 p.m. at a location to be announced. The Charter Night is planned for mid-September.

On July 10, the organizational meeting took place for a new Geneva club in the Finger Lakes Division. Distinguished Past Gov. Joe Eppolito, chair of the district's New Club Building effort, congratulated Finger Lakes Lt. Gov. David Jacobus and his wife, Bonnie, and the district's New Club Building team for the successful start of the new club.

On the same evening a new Builders Club also was formed in Geneva.

The charter president is Don Cass. Other officers are Secretary Christopher VanKirk, President-elect Barbara Roesch, Vice President Judith Curtis and Treasurer Bob Krebbs.

The new club is meeting weekly, at 6 p.m. on the first and rd Thursdays at the Zion Lutheran Church, 18 Snell Road, and at noon on the second and fourth Wednesdays at a location to be determined.

2014-15 Dues Billing

Action at the Kiwanis International Convention and the New York District Convention have caused some changes in the amounts clubs will be billed Oct. 1 for the 2014-15 year.

Dues and fees paid by the Kiwanis Clubs are as follows:

  • International Dues: $42
  • Subscription to Kiwanis Magazine: $8
  • Insurance: $16 (Includes $4 Directors and Officers Insurance and $12 for liability insurance)
  • District Dues: $24

Other factors to remember:

  • New member who was in Circle K or Key Club: 2 years no dues for International and for District
  • Spousal Credit for Kiwanians in the same household (mailed to the same address)
  • New member who is or was in the Armed Services: 2 years no dues for District
  • Honorary members: $8 for magazine subscription only

Foundation Honorees Now Listed

The recipients of the International Foundation Awards, including the Hixson and Zeller awards, and the New York District Foundation's Kaiser Award are now available for viewing here on the web site.

The award recipients can be searched by name or by club.

The Brittany Awards, presented by the Pediatric Lyme Disease Foundation, which have previously been available on the site are listed as well.

See the listing at: Foundation Awards.


Lyme Disease Presentation Available

A new presentation on Lyme Disease is available here on the web site.

Bring a Guest Contest

Clubs around the district were invited to participate in a Bring a Guest Contest in March and April organized by District Membership Chair J.P. DiTroia.

Prizes were offered for clubs which participated by having a Bring a Guest night to attract new members. Clubs also were asked to submit pictures from the event. A total of 21 clubs entered, 19 of which submitted pictures.

The pictures are available for viewing.

Milestone Club Anniversaries This Month
ClubOrganization DateYears
Hornell September 8, 1939 75
Scotia-Glenville September 8, 1949 65
Richmond County September 20, 1954 60
Chinatown, New York City September 6, 1984 30
Flushing September 24, 2004 10
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