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Using the Guidebook App
Install the Guide on your Smart Phone

Go to the download page, https://guidebook.com/g/midyear/. The screen shown at right will open. Type in your phone number for your smart phone and click on Text me the link!

When you receive the text message, click on the link and the application will install and open with the convention information.

If you have trouble with this procedure (or don't want to use a text message), there is an alternate method.

Use a web browser

On your computer or phone, open your web browser and go to http://kiwanis-ny.org/guidebook.htm.

Navigating the Guide

The majority of the content in Guidebook can be accessed simply by tapping on icons. This section will explain in more detail the function of each Guidebook feature you may encounter. Note: The icons displayed next to each header represent popular/default icon sets for each module. The icons in your specific guide may differ.